Sunday, March 1, 2009


Emerson used to be obsessed with all things Elmo. Then it moved to Zoe. Then it was all things Sesame Street. So, being the dopey parents we can be Joel and I got her tickets to see Sesame Street Live for Christmas. We went this past weekend. It was actually not so bad. In fact, I like kid venues. You can talk as loudly as you want, you can throw stuff on the floor, you can get up 100 times without making someone mad and you can always find a kid being worse than your kid! E had a great time. However, she screamed at Cookie Monster when he was on stage as she HATES him. Not sure why, but she has said he is, "trouble." And tonight she told us as we were putting her to bed for the 10th time that he was coming in his cookie van to get her. Joel assured her he beat him up outside and that seemed to pacify her as she hasn't yelled from her bed in the last 30 minutes...


  1. Love the fuzzy pink jacket. I wonder who picked it out?

  2. i am laughing out loud. emerson is funny. you are funny. glad you started this

  3. i'm so happy to have your link. you (and your emmerson) are hilarious!