Saturday, February 7, 2009


She is my kid and, well, she cracks me up. They say children learn from hearing and watching the adults in their lives. Emerson is a a never ending sponge soaking up the world around her. She says things that I do not know where it comes from.

For example:

Today she is talking incessantly and of course I have tuned her out busy with what it is stay at home moms do and I hear her say, "You understand me?" My attention quickly snapped to her and I had to refrain from laughing. Hmmmmm I wonder who has ever said that to her?


She has become quite obsessed with baby dolls. She likes to feed them and change their diapers and put them in different outfits. Today I overheard her tell her baby to lie still because she needed to wipe the poop from her bobocrotch. Bobocrotch? Not sure where that term originated.

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