Thursday, February 26, 2009

strange things that lurk in your mailbox

you may or may not know that we banked neal's cord blood after the urging of our ob/gyn. it seems research (which no one told me this at the time) shows babies who have chemo while cooking in the oven can develop blood cancers later in life. nice. and people who receive chemo can also develop these said blood cancers years down the road. again, nice. so we banked the cord in hopes that one day we will never have to use it, but it is there if something does happen.

after losing my paperwork and the such the registry place offered to bank our blood free of charge for the rest of neal and my life. how nice! that saves us oodles of dough. so today i get a package from them in the mail. i open it and it is a present. hmmm... the front of the card says, "Happy Birthday! 1 today!" I think this is a little odd as neal will be 1 in 2 more months, but hey, they were a little early. i then opened the card and it says, "Happy 1st you and your belly button! From your friends at the Cord Blood Regisitry." the present is a children's board book appropirately titled- Where is Baby's Belly Button. I have attached photos of the card and book.

I just found this to be a little odd and too funny not to share.

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  1. they sent us the same present for lily- she looooves that book.